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Mutually advantageous partnership

Existence of the furniture brand focused on the provided part of citizens, is impossible without attention from designers of interiors, architects and other experts who are engaged in premises and interiors in which there could be a furniture made by us.

We are glad to cooperation with those who will be furniture decisions created by us in the interiors! It is natural, Such cooperation is impossible without adequate indemnification (reception by you certain commission % from cost of the realised furniture decision), and we are ready to pay the competitive commission to the experts using our production.

You want to try to use furniture odalia in the interior or want to learn more in detail about we offer what conditions? we will be always glad to answer all your questions. inform us on the desire, having filled the questionnaire resulted more low. we will operatively react to your message and we will give the detailed information on furniture odalia and conditions of its delivery.

Begin cooperation with us right now! fill the partner questionnaire!

Mark «ODALIA» Is production
Of furniture concern "katyusha".