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ZAMKILEGKO.RU - dear sirs!

ZAMKILEGKO.RU - dear sirs!



Furniture concern "katyusha" informs you that within the limits of a trade mark odalia together with design bureau "s-designteam" 2 new collections of drawing rooms victoria and solo in modern european style are developed.






The price: 54 621,82.





The program victoria is sustained in a style direction "modernist style", carried out in two structures: an oak light"and"a nut dark. new drawing rooms victoria possess a principle in construction of compositions and the big variability of products that raises their functionality and originality. in the program such types of modules, as curbstones under tv, cases, wall cases, panels, regiments and the light equipment are used.
 feature of new drawing rooms victoria is their innovative design and application of new type of facades: glass with a frameworkalso for the first time in drawing rooms odalia   the facades made with application of a natural interline interval are used: oak a chocolate cane "and" an oak a light cane that allows to combine drawing rooms victoria with bedrooms elysee "and" tiamo
The price: 72 348,51.




Furniture concern" katyusha "recommends you data presentation of drawing rooms within the limits of available floor spaces, or expansion of the general floor space odalia at the expense of representation of the above-stated drawing rooms.
Occurrence of novelties of drawing rooms  victoria "and" solo  will essentially raise interest of the end user to odalia that positively will affect sales volume as a whole. the given drawing rooms optimum supplement available assortment of furniture odalia .
Style distinction of programs victoria "and" solo   urged to expand audience of consumers at the expense of satisfaction of various flavouring preferences of buyers of furniture.
The price: 64 339,53.






The program solo is sustained in style neoclassicscarried out in two structures: cherry dark "and" a nutin the program, for the first time for drawing rooms odalia  cases-show-windows and curbstones-show-windows are used. the lineup also is presented by curbstones under tv, cases, curbstones, wall cases, regiments and panels. feature of panels of the given program is use of a new structure: plum luster with a horizontal direction of drawing of a structure.
Boxes in curbstones are established onquadrodirecting with shock-absorbers silent system and loading ability to 30. extreme boxes have facades.
A novelty just for decoration odaliais application in the programsolo facades frommade with technology application 3-d the pvc film. the thickness of facades makes 25. manufacture - italy.
The price: 95 248,78.




The price: 59 346,92.





The price: 16 392,52.

Mutually advantageous partnership

Expensive furniture created by us is focused on the provided part of audience. possibly, our potential buyer can be those who uses your services, - people, c building of the own house, repair or re-planning of apartments.

At a choice of furniture for an interior of the client or the recommendation to it of the certain supplier of furniture it suggested to pay attention to our furniture brand. on the one hand, the furniture made by us satisfies to high inquiries of your clients, with another - our conditions of cooperation with contractors at building and design of interiors provide competitive system of indemnification for the recommendation of our furniture to the clients. Materials and accessories Design features

Bedroom elysee bedroom

We will result opinion on mark odalia of the general director of company" " (company hettich - one of leading german manufacturers of accessories and accessories just for decoration) doctor Valdemar shvartskopfa. he notices that cooperation of its holding with mark odalia, certainly, an ideal situation for them: furniture in german style, developers german designers, orientation, accordingly, on accessories from germanyvaldemar shvartskopf also is happy with a reasonable policy of concern" katyusha "for choice strategic partners already at an initial stage of creation of collections, at a stage of discussion of the concept also has noticed that"katyusha"with mark odalia, certainly, an example of competent, effective interaction.


Of mark «ODALIA» Is production
Of furniture concern" katyusha ".