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Many people who were present on trainings, declare that it was the worth-while experiment in their life

"thanking to courses with which ford arranged, workers have brought the organisations 2 dollars"

Management 1 of a century. the m. 2010

"training can be a unique source of steady competitive advantage     "

Management 1 of a century. the m. 2010

"besides external advisers and the universities involved for participation in programs of development of leadership, in company shell simply there would be no personnel for maintenance of this process".

     according to estimations training magazine in 1998 of the company have spent for training and personnel development nearby 60,7 dollars according to magazine business week, annual expenses only on training of heads make 15 dollars" more and more obvious there is that fact that development of administrative talents is not luxury, and a necessary condition of preservation of competitiveness ".

     " i saw, how the companies did investments in technology, cars and people. but in 1 century investments into the human capital become the most valuable of three directions set forth above. anyway, it is necessary for managers to be careful, it is necessary to put in correct people, whose possibilities correspond to requirements of the organisation." (s.choudhari, one of modern gurus ).


With our help your company will receive the excellent personnel attached to its interests and capable to reach the purposes put before it.

Besides training it is cheerful, it is useful and it is interesting!

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