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The finance, accounts department, bank

Marketing, advertising, rp

Human resource management

Secretary and

Wholesale trade

Information technology and internet

Building and architecture


Transport, car business

Medicine and pharmacy

Beauty, fitness, sports

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Our vacancies

The manager on work with clients To place resume
Of requirement Experience of active search of clients (it is desirable in sphere of services), are welcomed skill to communicate, activity, purposefulness and the creative approach to work
Of duty Search of customers, negotiation, the conclusion of contracts to rendering of services
Of condition . $ 200 + %, ..

Business trainer To place resume
Of requirement Of requirement: 25-40
Of duty Carrying out of trainings, search of orders for carrying out of trainings
Of condition Full or a partial employment. work on the m. item" revolt square ". / contractual

The manager on selection of personnel To place resume
Of requirement / .
Of duty Active search of candidates, selection and employment
Of condition . $ 200 + %. ..

The manager on sales To place resume
Of requirement 1:, , ,
Of duty Sale of software products 1 both services in support and service of organisations
Of condition $ 200 + %, ..

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