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We are glad to see you on a site of the company republic konsalt!

     our company successfully works in the market of consulting services year. we offer the clients the flexible price policy, quality and efficiency of performance of work. thanks to high competence of our experts, creative thinking and mobility we find new approaches and decisions.

     for the organisations we render Services In personnel selection, an estimation and personnel testing, and also we advise and we train managers of your company in the field of human resource management ( Services). if the help in search of the qualified experts which optimum meet your requirements, to features of your corporate culture is necessary to you - you can Fill demand Services - .

     in the work we are guided by your requirements and interests.

     if you are occupied by job search - we suggest to fill and send us Questionnaire-resume Absolutely free of charge. your questionnaire is added in the general databank. as soon as we will have a vacancy approaching for your nominee - we will necessarily communicate.

     if you the young expert and at you is not present experience if you only have finished training or yet have not finished and want to receive experience, but do not know where to address and with what to begin search of possibilities of display of own potential you can always address to us - our psychologists will help you to estimate the abilities, managers-advisers will help you to orient on a labour market.

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We invite

All wishing to take part in trainings of active sales, to developmentcommunicative skills, trainings of personal growth and on other subjects. with you professionals work only. we offer seminars under the theory wholesale and retails,to presentation of the goods, etc.

We offer corporate trainings for the organisations.

Let's co-operate, after all our purposes coincide: we want, that you were at success top!

company "republic konsalt"