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Materials and accessories

Materials of cases

The case of drawing rooms is made fromthe given plate is a non-polluting material with a class of issue 1 and answers all sanitary and to hygienic requirements that proves to be true corresponding certificates. on caps, the bases, eaves and regiments the plate of 25 mm is applied., obverse surfaces are revetted by the pvc edge. of 16 mm are made of a plate in the thickness. the back boardis made from .

The material of facades






At manufacturing of facades of cases as straight lines, andand also backs of beds (germany) is applied firm manufactures "vd werkstatten". facades are made under the special order of the company and are the patented, exclusive working out.

The decorative paper, structures

At manufacturing of furniture is applied to a bedroom a textural paper with a stamping "shagreen leather" of three colours: cherry-shroud "," beech-bodenzee manufactures of company" suddekor "and"oak-interprint"of manufacture of company" interprint ". the given colour scores are developed for us by the german partners and are exclusive among other manufacturers not only on internal, but also in the world market. the used type of a surface "shagreen leather"- gives to furniture a kind of a natural tree. internal furnish of cases is executed in colour"maple"interprint.

The edge, facing, covering

All obverse surfaces of products are revetted by an edge of pvc of manufacture firms" dolken "(germany). and are covered by a film for lamination. head, foot backs and beds become covered 3d by a film.


Applied in drawing rooms sets the accessories are made by exclusively leading foreign manufacturers - firms" hettich "andhafele(germany). handles-crampons have an insert made in colour of the case of a case in an average part. lighting devices are made by firms l&s srl (fixture titanio in cases-compartments), halemeier hettich (cases and beds) andhera(beds). directing"kvadro"are applied to boxes firms" hettich "(germany), which basic advantages - noiselessness at operation, fast assemblage and adjustment of a fugue of forward walls of boxes.

Between on an end face of one of them at will of the customer it is possible to attach self-glued firm" schlegel "sealant, germany. for installation of shelves in a case it is used sekura 6. for internal filling of cases sliding systems with baskets, sliding systems with hangers for trousers, aluminium sliding regiments with the glass panel, sliding systems with a bag for linen and with hangers for trousers firms" fennel "(germany) are used.

The holder for trousers fan, the holder for ties and belts, a shelf sliding, the holder for ties rotary, a frame sliding telescopic with the rotation mechanism complete with the holder for trousers and ties, grids semicircular firms "kessebohmer" (germany). in cases the wardrobe lift firms "hafele" (germany) is widely used. for collapsible doors on an element the panorama is used system wing line 230 firms "hettich" (germany).

For installation of doors in cases-compartments the accessories for sliding doors top line 22 firms "hettich" (germany), providing very silent both easy smooth course and giving the chance adjustments of position of doors are used, preventing their inadvertent removal. for fastening of pendant elements suspension brackets san 305 firms "hettich" (germany) are used.

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Of advantage

In comparison with design furniture from italy or germany our offer has rather competitive price. so, bedroom floor price makes 4 000 c.u. (floor price for bedrooms tiamo bedroom), and for functional drawing rooms - only 3 000 c.u. (floor price of furniture decision viva livingroom). the considerable economy is reached at the expense of assemblage and manufacture of furniture from german accessories on one of the largest furniture factories of russia. If you have the certain budget the saved means can  be used on an additional combination of facades and other elements of dressing, and also on increase in functionality of internal furniture elements (cases, shelves and so forth) that only it will positively be reflected in an interior developed by you.


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