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Design features

Probably to combine the advanced design ideas, characteristic for expensive italian or german furniture and the considerable functionality inherent in furniture decisions ikea, and even moreover? - a vivid example of that it not only it is possible to realise decisions odalia, but also it is possible to realise rather successfully!

Manufacturing of exclusive furniture - always creative process. one of the main design features of furniture interiors odalia is combination possibility as furniture elements - beds, cases, curbstones, and elements of their decor - within the limits of any collection you can safely choose and combine facades, develop unique filling of cases necessary to your customer etc. and behind all it costs not only the ideal german design concept, but also german quality!

One more important moment is The considerable economy of space At a combination of various furniture elements in bedrooms. so, decisions of collection elysse allow to place big enough bed, a case and a curbstone on rather small area. and thus the space will not seem encumbered. such possibility appears at the expense of possibility of joining of a case to to a curbstone that allows to avoid loss of a part of the area.

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Of advantage

Presence of a large quantity of furniture elements and variants of colouring of facades allows to create the unique interiors focused on requirements of your customer. thus possibility of a combination of elements does not put any damage of the general design concept of the furniture decision - all elements and their facades are designed by german designers and calculated on a combination in a separate interior. Furniture odalia !


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